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Stronger by design with big flowing ports, Dual Hi-Rev springs, chromoly retainers, bronze silicon racing valve guides, 3/4" long reach spark plug bosses, double thick combustion chamber walls, tapered cooling fins and factory produced by an O.E.M supplier to Volkswagen. The choice is yours, order your 044's™ today with 40 x 35.5mm or 42 x 37mm S/S valves.

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Below is a cross-section of a stock D/P VW Cylinder Head, next to a cross section of a 044 Cylinder Head. Note the difference in the spark plug holes.

044’s are available with oversized 40 x 35,5mm or 42 x 37mm S/S swirl polished valves, Super-Rev springs, chromoly retainers, and hardened valve locks. 044’s are the perfect choice for use with carburetors, fuel injection, turbos, and stock or high performance rocker arms.

55% Stronger than OEM heads! Added aluminum surrounding the combustion chamber provides more strength for powerful ‘Big Bore’ engines. Tapered cooling fins move the heat out faster for better cooling. 044’s give you horsepower and complete reliability.

Reduced port angles help develop awesome velocity. A venturi effect increases the flow around the valve heads. 044’s improve engine V.E. (Volumetric Efficiency) to allow your engine to produce more power while maintaining full range driveability.

Hi-Flow 55cc combustion chambers are ignited by 12mm 3/4” reach spark plugs. Longer spark plug threads improve heat dissipation and reduce the problem of cracked and stripped spark plug bosses. The chambers are designed to promote flame travel while reducing heat absorption.